I want to find a few comic groups to join in !! The more the better! Intersection Intersection Personally like painting comics! It's just a rookie! Intersection So I want to find some seniors to ask for learning

Thank you! Intersection Intersection Dear friends! Intersection Intersection Intersection It is best to join, many groups have refused to add people ~~~! Intersection Thank you! Intersection Intersection can also send me the mailbox [email protected] can not be issued = _ =

How about the beauty industry?

Through this approach, Lavisi put forward a new point of view. The explanation and prediction ability of these views was better than the existing theory at the time. Soon, his quantitative research methods began to become the mainstream of chemistry research.

Which is better in Wuhan touch screen?

Ask for the Wuhan touch screen, which is better? Intersection To digitize our mall, we need to install touch -screen guidance. I do n’t understand this: (I am eager to help friends who have used the touch screen to recommend which one is better on the Wuhan touch screen?? Thank you!!!!