How to choose the right hair piece

Choose a hair pieces first to see what their needs are. Do you want to make your hair look extra fluffy? Still decorate the hairline, cover white hair, demand is different, the choice is also different.

If you want to add volume and volume to your hair, you can't go wrong with a hair cushion. If the hairline is too steep, you can use fake bangs; ​if you want to cover up gray hair on top of your head, a hair patch is better.

3dc0455c11d7e87a39aa4afd023536f12, hair color and skin color choice

In the choice of wig piece, try to choose and their hair color close to the wig piece, thus after wearing with their hair is a very excellent fusion together, more natural; ​in addition, different skin color, hair color is also different, such as yellow skin star, suggest dark hair color; ​the hair color that skin color slants white can choose to slant a bit lighter, coffee color, brown and so on are highly suitable; ​sisters with natural skin tones can handle nearly any hair color.

3. Master the wearing method well

​Numerous sisters feel that the wig piece is extremely false to wear extremely unnatural, a large probability is not wearing a great problem. When wearing, there are a few points you still need to pay attention to. One is to comb the wig piece and their own hair before wearing, two is to find a decent position to wear the wig piece, clamp at the root of the hair, three is to wear after additional care.

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