5 thoughts on “Hermes only has regular official sales channels and does not exist in dealers. So why is Costco selling Hermes handbags?”

  1. Although Costco is only open for just half a day, there are still sharp -eyed customers who found that there are still luxury goods on the store shelves, including MCM, Prada, Chanel, Hermes, which are lower than the market price. The price is 399.9 yuan. These handbags were quickly grabbed, including 100,000 Hermes.
    It on the other side of the ocean, Costco also had a lot of low -cost luxury handbags at the beginning of the Manhattan store in New York in the early years. The dollar dropped to $ 1099, Salvatore Ferragamo dropped from nearly $ 2,000 to $ 629.99.
    So the question comes, why are the rare discount luxury bags lower than the retail price price of chain supermarkets such as Costco? More importantly, are these luxury goods genuine? One article on the official website of the flagship publication of the American Lawyer Association "ABA Journal" mentioned two channels in the article on chain supermarkets selling luxury goods, one is from luxury dealers, and the other comes from the gray import market.
    I luxury dealers
    In the early years, French luxury group LVMH brought Wal -Mart to court because the former found that Wal -Mart's storage supermarket Sam's Club sold fake fendi handbags at $ 508.25 And the retail price of genuine products is $ 930. For this lawsuit, a Wal -Mart spokesman said they only sold authentic goods. But the fact is just the opposite.
    The New York lawyer Steven R. Gursky, who is responsible for handling intellectual property rights, had previously had seven Wal -Mart involved cases. He said that the vast majority of chain supermarkets have a policy of prohibiting the purchase of counterfeit goods, but the shops represented by Wal -Mart do not enforce them. Once the brand filed a lawsuit, they drilled the loopholes of the law through strict compliance methods. Essence
    Is about why there are fakes in the chain supermarket. Generally speaking, fake luxury goods enter the supermarket warehouse through the local procurement system. In this process, the cat tired of buyers and luxury dealers is hidden. Out of adulteration to seek higher profits. But in general, the main reason for fake goods is that some buyers do not have the ability to distinguish the authenticity of luxury goods. Although the chain supermarket does not want to take the risk of losing people's hearts, losing luxury brand partners, and the risk of touching the law, they adopt the silent way of "not asking or not saying" the authenticity of the luxury goods entering and shelves.
    It is understood that Hermes only has regular official sales channels and does not exist in dealers. Regarding the Hermes handbag sold by Costco yesterday, the public relations of the brand of the brand said they did not know where the supply came from.
    The gray import market
    . The low -cost luxury goods of the chain supermarket are from the gray import market. They are the legal exports of overseas manufacturers without the consent of the trademark holder to the United States. Products, it is in a gray area. Although the gray luxury imported overseas is legal, there are many risks, especially when the supply comes from the processing plant, the probability of counterfeiting is greater. Lawrence M. Friedman, a lawyer from Chicago, said: "Although luxury brands protect their reputation as much as possible, the gray import market is a legal trade mechanism." A lawsuit many years ago also confirmed his point.
    As early as 1988, Cartier filed a lawsuit against KMART, but the US Supreme Court maintained a customs service regulations allowing imports of such goods. However, even with the support of the Supreme Court's ruling, many luxury brands still try to maintain the high -level image of hard -working operation by trying to prevent imports of such products as much as possible.
    For the image of luxury brands, chain supermarkets "have concessions". Costco will require suppliers to change the packaging of luxury handbags to make it look cheaper. However, the luxury goods sold in Costco in 2013 were unable to ignore the case with Tiffany.
    In February 2013, Costco's Costco in California, California, was sued the court by the brand due to illegal use of Tiffany trademarks to describe a specific wedding ring produced by non -Tiffany. Costco said the word "Tiffany" can be considered a common term for single gem bifurcation rings. After judging by the Southern District Court of New York, it was determined that it had used Tiffany trademarks, and the latter had the right to seek compensation from it. In the later verdict, Costco will compensate Tiffany at least $ 19.4 million, including the US $ 11.1 million in compensation for interest on Tiffany, and a punitive compensation of US $ 8.25 million ruled by the jury. In addition, Costco will always prohibit the sale of any Tiffany trademark but not a brand production, unless the design of this product has a clear Tiffany style or related packaging.
    Susan Scafidi, a legal professor at the University of Nanyan Association University, wrote in her blog that more and more counterfeit luxury goods began to appear on shelves of chain supermarkets. At the same time, lawyers said that although this will cause retailers to face serious legal punishment, such phenomena are becoming more and more common.
    In general, the price of luxury goods on chain supermarket shelves such as Costco is really exciting, but it is not derived from regular official channels, let alone there is a certain risk of fake goods. Still, do not see the price and hurry up the wallet. It is very important to consume rational consumption.

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