One thought on “What does PT950 D0052 mean in the diamond ring?”

  1. PT950 is platinum, D represents diamonds,
    d0052 indicates that the weight is 0.052 carat
    What does the letters on the inside of the diamond ring mean? Trust material, diamond ring brand, special elements.

    1. Diamond quality is basically introduced multiple diamonds inlaid on the ring. If you often pay attention to the printing of the inner wall of the diamond ring, you will also find that some diamond rings are divided into D size D. For example, D1.00CT, D0.168CT, such diamond rings are generally inlaid diamond ring, D represents the weight of the main diamond, D means the total weight of the auxiliary diamond.
    2. The precepts of the trarta, this type of printing is relatively complicated, because there are too many types of precepts. For example, the picture above is engraved with PT950, which means that the trash material is platinum (platinum), and it is a alloy with a platinum content of 95%. The mainstream of diamond ring tracha is platinum, K gold, and gold gold, and there are also less common silver or packaging gold.
    . Platinum is divided into: PT990, PT950, PT900, PT represents platinum, 900, 950, and 990 represents platinum content.
    K gold is generally 18K, and there are 23K, 14K and the like, but there are many types of records engraved on the diamond ring, such as AU750, 18K, G750. It is particularly noteworthy that many consumers are easily fainted by GP, KP, KF, GF, KGF, and KRGP on the jewelry. These are also English abbreviations of trachatic materials. Essence
    What if the diamond ring is PT950 and D0. 065ct, and what does it mean? Seeing the above two explanations, everyone must understand. PT950 refers to jewelry containing 95%platinum ingredients, and the remaining 5%are other precious metals and the mark is PT950. That is to say, the trarta of the diamond ring, D0. 065CT means that the size of the diamond is 6.5 points.

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