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  1. The hospital can see the patients: flowers, milk, bird's nest, fruits, books, baby supplies, health products and other things.
    1, flowers: Actually, many people will choose flowers when they go to see patients, but it should be noted that patients with asthma and patients who are allergic to pollen cannot be given flowers. Beautiful flowers represent beautiful wishes. The patient's mood is pleasant and conducive to recovery. When you go to the hospital to see patients normally, you usually choose elegant and good types of lily, carnations, orchids, pink roses and other kinds.
    2, milk: In fact, many patients can only eat some liquid food during the hospitalization. Milk is undoubtedly a good choice. There are digestive diseases such as cholecystitis, gastrointestinal ulcers, and galactose disease, and patients after most gastric resection, milk may not only play a positive role, but may aggravate the condition or cause other symptoms.
    But for patients with gastrointestinal diseases such as cholecystitis, digestive ulcers, galactose disease, and patients with most stomach resection, milk can not only play a positive role, but may increase the condition. , Or cause other symptoms. Therefore, you must understand the cause of the patient, and then choose whether you can send milk.
    3, bird's nest: Bird's nest is rich in protein, trace elements, amino acids and other nutrients, nourishing yin and moisturizing the lungs, nourishing qi and nourishing. However, there are still many controversy on whether cancer patients can eat bird's nest. This statement is not as good as that it is better to believe it. Patients with cold fever and protein allergies do need to be taboo for bird's nest. However, when buying bird's nest, pay attention to quality. Do not be greedy for cheap and buy counterfeit and shoddy products. rn4、水果:平时我们会看到有很多人去医院看病人的时候手里都会提着很多水果,确实水果中含有大量的营养物质,对病人的健康是很有帮助的,但是小Byon wants to remind that not all patients are suitable for giving fruits. For people with diabetes, almost all fruits are taboo. The only exception is kiwi. Its sugar content is the lowest and relatively safe. But kiwi is cold, and patients with spleen and stomach deficiency cannot be eaten. Therefore, before buying fruits, the types of consumption can be selected in combination with the actual situation of the patient.
    5, books: Compared with material, mental food may be needed by hospitalization patients. If you can't think of any other gifts, you may wish to choose a few good books that can be used to spend time and make the patients with peace of mind, so that they can temporarily forget the existence of the disease.
    6, baby supplies: The applicable object of this gift is clear. In fact, every new father and new mother have their own cognition and choices of milk powder and diapers, so if they are sent to these two things, they will basically not be high. From another perspective, buying cotton baby clothes and newborn toys, I believe it will be a lot of cleverness.
    7, health products: It is necessary to pay attention to targeted health products, such as female patients who have just miscarriated or finished production, you need to replenish blood, you can send Ejiao and iron; Absorption.

  2. 1. Appropriate food
    The first choice for patients. Many people like to bring milk, fruits, snacks, etc., but when choosing food, you should choose according to the actual situation of the patient to be more sincere. For example, patients with diabetes should not choose foods with high sugar content such as litchi, grapes, and dragon fruit. You can choose fruits with rich but high sugar such as apples, strawberries; , But it is not recommended to eat patients with gastrointestinal surgery.
    2, a good mood

    Emotions are very important for patients. No matter what the patient's condition, you must bring the patient's optimistic and happy side. You can tell some jokes or some interesting visible to TA Listen, this can make the patient feel more relaxed, bring positive energy to the patient, and recover it as soon as possible. If there is no way to accompany the patient, you can choose one or two easy and interesting books to relax your sick relatives and friends.

  3. 1. Fruits
    In visiting patients, many people will choose to bring some fruits, which is not only convenient, but also very practical. It can be said that with the most golden oil choice, it is basically difficult to make errors.

    of course, the fruit can be given well. You can choose according to the patient's preference, or you can choose some fresh and rare fruits.

    has not only achieved the effect of gift giving, but also shows your intentions, let others see your sincerity and recognize your feelings.

    2, nutritional products
    In the age of less developed materials, many people visit patients with some nutrients. So many resources.

    It is just now that the material is extremely developed. Such nutritional products are not easy to choose, but it is not unable to send it.

    If you know a certain nutrition product and be good for the patient, you can also prepare a copy for the other party.

    . In the past, his father -in -law needed to recover because of his surgery. A relative of a hometown brought a few pigeons to his father -in -law. The family was particularly happy.

  4. When you go to the hospital to see the patient, the gifts you bring should be delivered in conjunction with the actual situation of the patient. You can refer to the following gifts:
    1. Books or magazines
    For friends who are hospitalized in the hospital, if you are not very uncomfortable or unable to open Opening your eyes, you may often be boring. You can choose a book that you love to read or the magazines that can eliminate time. Do n’t choose books and difficult to understand. If you are sleepy at first glance, you can choose some relaxed ones that can relax your sick relatives and friends.
    2. Suitable foods
    The people like to bring milk, fruits, snacks, etc. Food is indeed a "stable" gift that the public recognizes. However, when choosing food, you should according to the actual situation of your friends. For example, patients with diabetes should not choose foods with high sugar content such as litchi, grapes, and dragon fruit. You can choose fruits with rich but not high sugar in apples and strawberries. Nuts snacks And milk is a good choice for people who can eat normally, but it is not recommended to eat for patients who have gastrointestinal surgery. In a word, the right food is the best food.
    In short, it is also particular about going to the hospital to explore the disease. It is not the better the pursuit, but to choose the right gift to make the relatives and friends in the hospitalization feel comfortable and convenient. In order to enter the countryside, according to the local customs and habits flexible decisions, there is a sincere heart, coupled with the appropriate gift, I believe that friends who accept the gift must be very moved and encouraged to accelerate rehabilitation.

  5. Flowers.
    No matter what kind of patients look like, except for pollen allergic or respiratory infection patients, other flowers are feasible. The ward is white, and the colorful flowers are sent to make him feel better. More pleasant.
    milk is very good. Not only is it mentioned to be more beautiful, but also drinking milk is very good to the human body. It can supplement the various nutrients required by the human body and be good for the patient's body.
    The fruit tastes better. Not only can you taste hunger and quench thirst, it is very good for the body. You can choose a few kinds of fruits to visit the patient. Of course, don't buy too much.
    The fruit is a universal gift, but when visiting different patients, there must be differences. For example, citrus, kiwi and other fruits contain more vitamin C can help wound healing; papaya can protect the stomach; bananas containing high potassium, etc., suitable for patients with heart disease, hypertension patients; seeing diabetic patients, choose citrus, etc. Low sugar.
    Book magazines.
    The patients to stay in the ward are easy to be boring, and they can bring a few books and magazines to relieve their boredom and pass the time.

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