What is the most cost -effective jewelry material?

To get married, money wants to keep other uses, and want to find the most cost -effective jewelry material

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  1. Cherish Jewelry: 18K gold is the most cost -effective jewelry material
    , 18K gold
    usually adds a small amount of copper, silver, nickel and other metals in the industry to increase its strength and toughness. Such gold is “K gold”. The international standards theoretically 100%purity gold is called 24K gold. The 1K gold content is about 4.166%. Nickel, silver, gold, etc., 18K gold marks are generally AU750, 18K or G750.
    1. It is comfortable to wear, and the cost performance is very high.
    usually more than 60%of gold jewelry does not easily cause human skin allergies. Wearing a more comfortable one has a very cost -effective.
    2, rich colors, fashionable and generous
    18k gold color is very rich. It can use different formulas to meet the color preferences of various customers, such as white, yellow, rose red, etc., fashionable and highlighted personality, simple but not not monotonous. Suitable for consumer groups with all ages, skin tones, and hairstyles, play a better decorative effect. Compared with yellow platinum, it is more in line with international popularity.
    3, moderate hardness and changes in shape.
    The ductility of foot gold is very good, but it is too soft, and it is difficult to fix the design. Compared to foot gold, 18K gold has high hardness, difficult to wear, and exquisite styles.
    4, the gloss is good, suitable for inlaid gemstones
    18k gold’s gloss is also bright enough, so it is the first choice for many gold or gems.
    5, the material suitable for creating diamond rings
    18k gold not only has a hard texture, hardness and abrasion resistance, but can fix the diamond more firmly. And because of the combination of other metals, there are many colors. The most commonly used diamond ring is 18K rose gold and 18K platinum, which is not only cheap, but also fashionable.
    6. Having a good meaning
    “18” This number is very auspicious, the 8 -character sound is similar to “hair”, so 8 becomes a symbol of auspicious fortune. 18, everyone understands it as ” To send “
    7, convenient for recycling
    Now there are many jewelry shops that recycle old gold and K gold jewelry on the market. Golden Stores go to the old and new, and then select your favorite style.
    . 22K gold
    22K Finance combines the dual advantages of 18K gold and foot gold. It not only inherits the golden rich and beautiful colors, but also stable and not easy to change color. The advantages of easy production and processing are known as the “fashion and new” in the golden family!
    1. The face value explosion table
    22K gold has a stronger color and golden texture than foot gold. Its natural shiny gloss, giving 22K gold strong metal texture and mirror reflection effect. And the nature is stable, and it is not easy to fade color and color return. Even if we wear it for a long time, it can always be as beautiful as new, which can be described as the face value.
    2, high plasticity
    22K gold solves the problem of softness and softness, and has the plasticity of 18K gold. It is suitable for complex process processing, such as the widespread application of high -tech technology such as 3D, CNC, etc. Make a stylish, exquisite and gorgeous style.
    3, good ductility
    22k gold has a good ductility, suitable for designing and making thin and three -dimensional jewelry shapes, the same size, only half of gold, and the structure is firm and difficult to deform. Can perfectly meet the people’s dual needs for “golden plots” and “fashion features”.
    4. Wearing comfortable
    22K gold -containing ratio is high, which can meet the people’s demand for gold, and it is not easy to cause allergic reactions when wearing comfort.
    5, beautiful moral
    “22” This number contains the auspicious meaning of Fulu, good things. Whether you wear it yourself or send relatives and friends, it contains a good wish and strong love.
    three, platinum
    platinum, because “platinum” is combined by the word “gold” and “white”, and the color is silver -white, so it is also called “platinum”. Platinum, rare, pure, eternal named “precious metal king” and “love metal”, becoming the love of more and more people!
    1. Pure
    The purity of platinum jewelry is usually as high as 90%-95%. Common platinum jewelry purity includes PT900 and PT950. According to national regulations, only the platinum content of 850 ‰ and above can be called platinum jewelry. Platinum white luster is naturally pure, which gives the unique appearance of platinum jewelry. Even if we wear every day, platinum is always pure.
    2, rare
    The production of platinum is very scarce, and only a few places around the world can be mined. If all platinum in the world is poured into a standard swimming pool in the Olympic Games, its depth is not enough to cover the instep. The 1 -ton platinum ore can only refine about 3 grams of platinum, which is equivalent to the weight of a smaller platinum ring, and it takes about 8 weeks and a lot of energy to extract these platinum.
    3, eternal
    The nature of platinum is very stable, and it will not deteriorate or fade because of daily wear. Its luster is always like the beginning. No matter how long it is worn, platinum can always maintain its natural pure white luster and never fade.
    4, complex craftsmanship
    The refining process and production process of platinum are very complicated. The technical level is higher than the mixed K gold. The amount of platinum is only 5%of the gold. The ore can only make a simple ring after complicated steps, which is rare and expensive. This is really the valuables of platinum diamond ring.
    5, platinum and diamonds are perfectly matched
    platinum toughness and ductility means that platinum can safely and firmly inlay each diamond, and give diamonds for a long time. The pure white color of platinum will not only reduce the glory of the gem, but can truly present the fire color of the gem itself. Platinum and diamonds can perfectly present the masterpieces of the handed down and become the love of the famous jewelry brand and celebrities.
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