4 thoughts on “What should I pay attention to when buying platinum diamond rings”

  1. The main thing is to pay attention to your diamond 4C and your diamond certificate. If you are in Chengdu, I know that there is a diamond ring shop in Jincheng Art Palace, which is operated by an online physical store. If you are interested, you can go to their store directly

  2. First of all, the certificate must be the appraisal certificate of China jewelry and Jade Association. This certificate is very authoritative in China and is a national inspection certificate. It is better not to buy the local inspection certificate. China is a big country of counterfeiting. There is no safety guarantee for the local identification certificate. You can issue a certificate if you give money. Otherwise, how can there be a seal of XX local inspection and Quarantine Bureau on the lean pig? If it is the diamond identification certificate of the international certificate GIA, I did not say that the code of GIA is the most authoritative diamond identification certificate in the world. You must see the certificate when buying diamond jewelry. We should also carefully look at the formal appraisal certificate. There are detailed descriptions on the material of the diamond hand ornaments, and the weight and color level of the diamonds are very detailed. The 4C standard is marked, so I don't need to say anything more
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    the following is an example of a self-made certificate made by a merchant: (the self-made certificate is printed and pressed with adhesive film)
    Diamond Pendant
    No.: lz-jh711003 (the merchant's own commodity number)
    carat 0.14 (14 points)
    reference Whiteness: White (there is no color level here)
    inspection basis: GB / t10554-1996 (the national diamond classification standard of the people's Republic of China is (GB / T 16554-2003))
    the total mass is 1.123g
    the reference cleanliness is VVS
    remarks: pb950 (this is palladium, the difference in quality is different, and platinum is PT)
    so please open your eyes and see clearly. The difference in one word will cost you hundreds of thousands of RMB!

  3. Platinum and diamond rings should be seen separately. Platinum is generally OK, but it is not ruled out that you may be misled by parkin. If the diamond is large, there is a separate certificate with the origin and weight of the diamond written on it
    the diamond ring looks good but does not maintain its value, so don't care too much about its future value.

  4. First of all, the certificate must have support for re inspection. The after-sales service of large-scale brands tells you that non professionals in other aspects can't see it. There are too many fake stores in small ones. The fake technology in China is first-class, ha

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