Which hair extensions can be tied up freely?

Hair extensions are a lot of girls love to try. If you want to have hair extensions, but you are worried about it, you can try to have traceless hair extensions. At present, this kind of hair extensions can be tied up and not obvious, but typically girls after hair extensions want to go to the barber's to wash their hair, and it is not really convenient to wash their hair at home.

Which hair extensions can be tied up at will
Seamless extensions can be tied, but not too steep.

No extensions attach the hair bundle closer to the scalp and normally do not fall off, of course, based on the hair extension manufacturer technology and the quality of the hair. If your hair is light, pulling it gently won't work.

Many also worry that the hair will show signs of extensions if tied together, and that they will be covered or loose by hair from elsewhere if they are afraid.

253da3cde2faa79165d336d8cfd12106Which hair extensions are best handled comfortably?​
1. There are three main popular hair extensions: sticky hair extensions, button extensions, and braids.

2. To bond the hair extensions, first divide the hair for the extensions into tiny bundles of about 10 to 20 hairs each, then apply a keratin heavy glue to the root of a tiny hair. With the same amount of hair in place, quickly connect the hair to the root of the real hair, about a centimeter away from the hair. The adhesive will cure quickly so long hair can be picked up. If not needed in the future, go to a salon and have the hairdresser heat it to melt the glue, or use a special lotion to wipe the joint and remove the hair.

3. Button extensions also divide hair into little bundles. Use special buttons to secure long hair to real roots. The top of the head will naturally fall down to cover the buttons. The advantage of such extensions is that they make it easier to remove buttons and long hair in the future when they are no longer needed.

How long can you keep your hair extensions intact?​
The biggest feature of seamless hair extension is thin and light, even hair distribution, no foreign body sensation when sleeping, close-fitting, pleasant, seamless, easy to remove, can be used repeatedly. For a long time. The thickness of seamless hair extensions is only 0.5mm, and the bond between the two pieces is less than 1mm. The material is relatively soft and normally lasts about four months. ​Excellent care can last 5-6 months. It can be removed and reattached after a few months, which is extremely convenient.

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