fashion jewelry wholesale america Will the Tick (DK) coin crash

fashion jewelry wholesale america

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  1. wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers usa First of all, technically, Tikcoin belongs to the cottage, downloading the Bitcoin source code, and a slight modification of the source code (quantity, encryption method, etc.) to generate Tikecoin. This is also the technical basis for all cottage coins. This is the main reason why there are more than 3,000 virtual currencies on the market. Secondly, in terms of type, it belongs to corporate currency. Although Tick currency claims not to be controlled by the central bank, every investor has a targeted investment object (so -called foreign associations selling mining machines), which means that Tike currency is not a decentralized virtual currency.

    It in the field of virtual currency, all the so -called virtual currencies under the banner of cloud mines are all coins, scam coins, and generally packaging is very high, but this kind of non -decentralized currency type There is no long -term investment value. Once the central agency bankruptcy, Tikecoin is worthless. The reason why there is a price now is because there are companies and institutions are promoting.

    The trading platform has a lot of vulnerabilities. The domain name of the trading website is personal. The organization never announces the company's operating team, composed of personnel, and the fictional Cayman Islands Tikecoin Research Office (after investigation does not exist at all), no one knows this currency abroad. All communication and communication is carried out through QQ and WeChat. There is a voice of doubt. It is said to have been monitored.

    If in addition, the reason why Bitcoin is better than any other open source virtual currency is by no means because of its technology, but for 7 years from the trust market formed by the market. Essence Therefore, it is meaningless to compare with Bitcoin.

    The people have already returned to the book because they have done it, but they still choose to continue to flicker behind the flickering in the face of interests.

    In summary, Tike coins belong to the cottage of the circle of money, and there is a mechanism behind it. Plot the man. This can be verified by time. ——Gaigao teacher, eight years of Internet finance veterans.

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