warehouse natural stones for jewelry making wholesale How to apply for refund for Apple account

warehouse natural stones for jewelry making wholesale

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  1. la jewelry house wholesale First enter the Apple mobile account setting interface, then click on the purchase record, then select the project to be refunded, and complete the refund action. Next, use the Apple 6S mobile phone as an example to show you.
    1, first click the settings in the phone desktop.
    2, then click on personal account information.
    3, then click and appstore.
    4, then click Apple ID in the blue font.
    5, then click to view the Apple ID.
    6, then click the purchase record.
    7. Then click a purchase project you want to refund.
    8, then click to report the question.
    9. Then click I want to apply for a refund and click to complete.
    10, just click to submit.
    1. This method is suitable for all models of Apple phones.
    2, you can also choose to log in to Apple's official website in the computer browser, which can also apply for refund.

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  3. jewelry making materials wholesale chennai If you point to Apple to apply for a refund of the app store purchase project, whether it can be refunded, the actual processing of Apple is subject to. After you submit the question report (REport A Privem) form, you will immediately receive the system response from the system to accept the email, and then you will receive an email response from the Apple Apple iTunes Store's customer service manager within 72 hours. If he goes smoothly It tells you when you can return your refund. If you have any questions, you can directly reply to the email of the customer service manager. So far, the refund is over.

  4. wholesale jewelry in doraville ga Apple account applies for a refund, you can click Apple's official website, apply for your current refund after logging in to the information, and submit relevant information.

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