1 thought on “What kind of POS machine credit card has points?”

  1. 1. Generally, POS machines in supermarkets have points, and whether the point is determined by the POS machine.
    2. Sometimes it is also determined by the card, because some cards have no POS machines without points, and banks with credit card issuances usually tell you when issuing cards information.
    The interpretation of POS points:
    POS machine consumption points are a reward for card issuers to give cardholders to use the bank card. Give consumers. Therefore, to get points, the contribution value made by the cardholder should be greater than the bank, at least it is equal to the bank’s credit card return. After all, there is no free lunch in the world without any reason. According to the current situation of the market in UnionPay, it can be divided into three grades according to the credit card rate, namely: high -rate special industries (such as catering, jewelry, club, etc.), general industries (various ordinary retail stores, etc.), wholesale categories, wholesale categories, wholesale categories Low -buckle industry (Daning International Tea City, etc.) [1]. For the profit distribution rules of the card issuing bank at various rates, please refer to our company’s website. Generally speaking, the low -buckle industry has contributed to the contribution of card issuance banks very little, so it basically does not generate points.
    It whether points are related to card species. For example, generally speaking, credit cards have points, and debit cards (not overdraft) have no points. But this cannot be generalized. For example, the debit card issued by China Merchants Bank now has POS points.
    Therefore, whether the points are mainly depends on the two aspects: one is the rate of rates of the POS machine installed in the consumer place; the other is whether the card type you hold is generated. Essence

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