3 thoughts on “Will the birthdays give birthdays in Global Studios in Beijing. What are the uses of these badges?”

  1. When it comes to Universal Studios Beijing, many people must not be unfamiliar, because many stars have gone to play cards, and Beijing Universal Studios will send badges to people who have passed their birthdays. These badges not only have memorable significance, but also go to many places. It will also be treated well. For example, when you go to any shop, you will receive a happy birthday blessing of the staff, and at the same time you will get some small gifts.
    . The use of badges
    In fact, many people go to Disney or Beijing Universal Studios to get the corresponding badge, but the badge in the past is very simple, but as the traffic increases Therefore, there are corresponding regulations for the distribution of badges, and only one can be received on the birthday. In addition, receiving the badge is not a symbol of supreme, but you can enjoy a lot of good treatment on your birthday. Not only are the staff's blessings, but many staff will also give some small gifts accordingly, such as cakes and desserts. Category.
    . The collection of badges is a hidden award
    It the badge of the badge is mainly used to commemorate the meaning. If you can collect all the badges of a place, you will also get the hidden in Beijing Universal Studios. Surprise, so every time you go, you can gather the corresponding badge so that you can find the corresponding staff after the gathering, and the staff will take out the hidden award. However, if you want to get the badge, you must pass the test of the relevant staff so that you can increase the chance of obtaining the badge. In addition, there is no collective badge or discouraged. After all, the badge can represent the corresponding memorial significance.
    . Conclusion
    Actually many people go to Beijing Universal Studios to play. Instead, they want to relax their mood. Therefore, if you go Depending on the video released by the corresponding blogger. Only in this way can you play well, be happy, and effectively eliminate some high costs.

  2. As long as you wear a birthday badge, no matter you go to any shop, you will gain a "Happy Birthday" blessing. Especially when you go to the restaurant, you may also get a small birthday gift, send you a dessert and the like. I went on September 2nd. At that time, there were relatively few people, and the birthday badge was random.

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