AC 220V Temperature Controller REX-C700 C700 Thermocouple PT100,K Universal Input Relay Output 72*72mm Thermostat


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  • Theory: Temperature Controller
  • Usage: Industrial
  • Model Number: REX C700
  • Max Measuring Temperature: 120°C & Above
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Brand Name: XMSJ
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE

RKC Digital PID Temperature Controller  REX-C700 72*72mm

Input: Thermocouple/RTD

Output: Relay

Alarm: 1

Power: 100-240VAC

Product Features:

  • Dual display for both set temperature and process temperature

  • Size, 96*96mm

  • Universal input, support 10 different types of  thermocouples and RTD inputs by customers selected at panels.

  • Auto-tune function can find the best PID parameter automatically

  • Displays temperature in Celsius

  • Four digits LED display can go up to "9999"

  • Can be powered by either DC or AC power source

  • Uses it for Kiln,Furnace,Oven,Incubator temperature control

  • Uses it in heating control as well as for cooling control

  • It is used in various industries to control and monitor process temperatures

Product Main Specifications:

Input type

TC: K, E, S, R, J, T, B, N 

RTD: Pt100, Cu50

Input range

K (-200~+1300ºC), S (-50~+1600ºC), R (-50~+1600ºC), T (-200~400ºC), E (-200~900ºC), J (-200~1200ºC), B (350~1800ºC), Pt100 (-99.9~600.0ºC) or (-200~+600ºC), Cu50 (-50~150ºC)


Two lines, Four digits. °C.

Display Resolution

1°C, 1°F, or 0.1°C, 0. 1°F, with Pt100


±0.5% or ±1 unit of full input range

Control mode

PID, On-Off

Output mode

Relay contact: 3A at 240 VAC. 


Current: 4~20 mA

Voltage: 0~10V


Upper-limit bias alarm

Power consumption

<2 Watt

Power supply voltage rating



Rex-C700  72*72*110mm


  • Only clean the instrument when power off.

  • Please use a soft cloth or cotton paper to clean up the stain on the display.

  • Do not clean up or touch the display by hard matters in case of  any scrath.

  • Never use sharp & hard matters such ass screwdrivers or ball pan to touch the buttons on the panel,in case of any scrath or damage.


  • 1×PID Digital Temperature Controller (NOT include thermocouple)

  • 1 x English User Manual


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