What is the development prospect of solar panels?

In the last ten years, maybe solar panels in the domestic market are not very clear, can be said to be a new industry, you walk on the street, say to passers-by: “Do you know what a solar panel is?” Passers-by DO NOT RETURN: “DO NOT KNOW”, OR return: “IS not USED ON THE solar water HEATER?” From this, it can be seen that the development of the photovoltaic industry is just the beginning, without popularization, which also shows that the market is large, but you need to dig. Of course, new things out, the natural beginning cost will be a little higher.

Ten years later, solar panels are still relatively popular. You can still see solar panels on some streets, such as solar street lamps, solar monitoring, solar traffic warning lights, solar spike lights, etc. An important part of these products is solar panels and mc4 solar extension cable. Secondly it even used in some families, solar garden light, ground lights, etc.), agriculture (solar joins lamp lights), and other places (solar water monitor, solar pump, solar energy forestry monitoring, etc.), this shows that the use of the solar panel is more and more widely, deeply into every aspect of people’s life, more and more become an important part of life, That’s a growing market for solar panels.

b9bcfab39ea558ada1ca8896fb4cdca5The reasons for this change are:

The government advocates a green ecological environment and sustainable reproduction of resources. Solar panels just use the sun’s light, sustainable development, is a kind of clean energy, no damage to the environment.
Solar energy can not be limited by location, the place with sunlight can generate electricity, to solve the problem of electricity in remote areas, while avoiding some dangerous things.
People’s subjective initiative and creativity, so that solar panels continue to be popular, continuous trial, can be used in a variety of fields.
Cost reduction, technology innovation. A decade ago, the global market was small and highly dependent on subsidy regimes in countries such as Germany and Italy. There are a number of manufacturing innovations that will reduce the amount of expensive materials such as silver and silicon used to make solar cells, as well as innovations such as double-sided modules that allow panels to capture solar energy from both sides. Another important innovation revolves around how best to integrate solar energy into our homes, businesses, and power systems. That means better power electronics and greater use of low-cost digital technology. In the coming years, technological improvements will ensure that solar energy becomes even cheaper. It is likely that solar will become the most important source of electricity generation in most parts of the world by 2030.
In addition, due to the epidemic, people have a stronger sense of crisis and safety, which leads to the increase of solar products and the demand for solar folding bags and energy storage products.

Through the above understanding, the demand for solar panels will increase more and more. The natural market will be bigger, the product will be more, the prospect will be better.

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