5 thoughts on “Does the diamond ring radiate to the human body?”

  1. Yes, there is. Like stone, there is radiation in stone. But because some radiation can be normally absorbed or discharged by the human body, it will not pose any danger.
    as for diamonds, some diamonds have a relatively large amount of radiation However, China has regulations on the radiation amount of metal and non-metal products. Therefore, the products purchased in China may be inferior in quality, but the radiation amount is safe However, it's hard to say now because the method of going abroad is different in each country, so it's hard to say.
    extension, about stones If you run in Guangdong and Fujian, you will know that many imported stones in Fujian can not enter because the radiation is too large. But if it is in Guangdong, it is easier to do. Because the management in Guangdong is easier
    in addition, you don't need to believe the answers of "Han Ge" because many of his answers are unscientific. Many of his answers are general people's own thoughts. The content of the so-called C14 and cosmic rays in the air is very, very small

  2. No, if only irradiation is used to change the color, it will be sold only when there is no harm to the human body. Don't worry about this.
    natural products have no radiation, so you can use them with confidence

  3. Diamond is a natural inorganic gemstone. It contains natural minerals without any radiation. But it's hard to say about diamond rings. Look what the material is!!

  4. 1. Diamond jewelry is one of the most popular noble jewelry in the jewelry consumption trend
    2. However, medical experts have found that some precious diamond jewelry contains radiation exceeding the normal value. The amount of radiation received by those who wear these diamonds in one year exceeds the radiation limit received by a nuclear worker in one year; It may even make the muscles of the wearing parts cancerous, such as increasing the incidence rate of lung cancer and breast cancer
    3. Therefore, when buying diamonds, you should choose those that meet the standards.

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