4 thoughts on “What do children need to pay attention to when photography?”

  1. Take photos of children not only requires photographers to have superb skills, but also parents do some homework before shooting. The following summarizes several precautions.
    Mepoming: When children get along with some specific people, they will be particularly happy. For example, a relative at home, if it is convenient, I hope the relatives will come together.
    The weather: Please pay attention to the weather before shooting. If it is raining, it will be changed separately. If you need to shoot the interior, you can also explain in advance.
    Time: The shooting time should not be too long, usually about 3 hours of shooting time.
    The expression: Children have a good mental state to take good photos. It is best to choose when children are excited. It is recommended to eat more in the morning to ensure physical strength. The night before shooting should go to bed early, drink less water to prevent swollen eyelids. If children do not cooperate, do not criticize, they should focus on praise and encouragement.
    clothes: It is recommended to be simple and decent with clothing, and the style of clothing is too complicated and the color is too much. Both bright and light clothes can bring a few pieces, which can shoot different styles. It is recommended to be three to five sets.

  2. Children must increase or decrease clothes according to the season, pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the environment to avoid colds. And when photography, children can make some expressions, so that the effect of taking pictures is better, and it can record the very cute side of the child.

  3. Many Baoma wants to record the baby’s growth process, and the children’s photography industry is gradually growing. For children of different ages, the methods of shooting are also different. Like the age of children, children who have taken the limbs are larger than newborns and can move. However, it should not be too long with makeup shooting, which affects the baby’s skin.
    Bao Ma pay attention to raising the baby’s state in advance, and the spirit will look better when shooting; bring the baby’s favorite toy, in case the baby is not emotionally good, you can coax; bring some baby snacks, sometimes the shooting time of shooting time For too long, give your baby some things in time to supplement your physical strength. Generally, there are more people shooting on weekends. If the conditions are allowed, try to avoid the peak shooting period.

  4. 1. Companion: The most important thing for children’s photography is the company of relatives. As long as you can still see your loved ones within the sight of your child, you will not lose your sense of security, and you can better complete the photography work. Essence
    2. Children and the environment: Do not rush to shoot after the child comes to the studio, let the child familiarize the photography environment and staff first. Make your child feel happy, happy, and willing to show his joy and sorrow, just like in your own home.
    3, photographer and child: When taking pictures for babies over 3 years old, you must first get along with your child and let your children like themselves as much as possible. First remember the child’s name, child’s personality, etc., you can also give children some small toys and gifts if necessary.
    4. Select camera: You can use a professional digital camera to shoot. You can immediately see the effect of the effect without volume, convenient and fast, and adjust the effects such as light, background, exposure, etc. at any time according to the situation.
    5, light selection: When taking children’s photos, we generally use bright and soft light as lighting. Use small light ratio. The children not only do not have a sense of fear, but will be more natural and relaxed. Can reflect the tender skin of the child.
    6. Background and clothing match: Most of the clothing when shooting is more suitable for children’s own clothes, because that will be more suitable for children; Learn to use color complementarity to increase the artistic appeal of the picture.

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