4 thoughts on “What do the Double Eleven owners usually give?”

  1. The owners of Double Eleven usually give these four things.
    It finished 4 models to see if your car is?

    1, Che Taobao

    The purpose of Che Taobao can be adsorbed on the steering wheel, for the mobile phone of the driver, the online price from dozens to one hundred hundred to 100 Yuan is not waiting. People who have invented this thing do not consider that many drivers will install Che Treasure on the steering wheel airbag. In the case of sudden situation, once the airbag collision is triggered, the huge energy of the airbag may tear your mobile phone, causing the mobile phone to cause the mobile phone Fragment hit your face like a bullet. Such cases are not a minority. For your safety, please do not buy and use.

    2, car large perfume

    General new cars are bought back, and the car will be mixed with a formaldehyde flavor. Even the open door, this smell is difficult to disperse. So many people buy car perfumes in the car to disperse the odor. However, if you buy improperly and use inferior perfumes, what harm will there be? Generally, inferior car perfumes are made of spices or flavors mixed alcohol and other substances. When it comes to it, it will cause dizziness and other discomfort, which will easily cause the owner to be fatigue and affect the safety of driving.

    3, the steering wheel help ball

    This steering wheel has a help device, but it will still feel very heavy. You need to use both hands to make a circle, so those "smart" merchants will think of things like helping the ball. After installing the help ball, you can operate quickly with one hand. The help feels a lot of pressure and shorten a certain life; the speed is too fast to accidentally kill the steering wheel, and the sound of impact will occur. Once a car accident occurs, the prominent help ball will cause secondary damage.

    4, plush steering wheel case

    Once in winter, as the outdoor temperature decreases, the temperature in the car also decreases. Many cars have no heating function. Often, some driver friends do not want to reach out and touch the steering wheel. Therefore, the plush steering wheel sleeve is produced to set up the steering wheel. It is especially welcomed by female consumers. One is that it looks fashionable and beautiful, and the other is that when you touch the steering wheel in winter, you will not feel cold. But when you use it, you can find that you ca n’t hold the steering wheel, and it ’s special, especially when it is reversed.

  2. Double Eleven will give the owner to the shop with courtesy, test drive, buy a car and give gifts, and give gifts to gifts. This will not only dig some potential customers, but also maintain old customers. And reflect the professional and thoughtful services of the car 4S store. Therefore, an appropriate car activity gift is a good car purchase experience, which can promote customer purchase rate. Then the gift activity gifts have the following gifts:

    It, vehicle mobile phone bracket

    For gifts presented for free to enter the store, we can choose some small gifts to give away, such as some small small gifts The car bracket is very good. It controls the cost very well, and can also be customized to print the car brand logo on the surface of the gift, exquisite and atmospheric.

    It cigarette lighter data cable

    This car activity small gift is also very popular, especially for some car owners who love smoking Please do not use the oil fume to use the lighter to prepare this smoke-free fire-free cigarette lighter for yourself, and it is also a multi-function charging cable that supports Apple, Android, Type-C mobile phone charging.

    3. Third, pillow pillow

    In order to solve the fatigue of the owners' long -distance driving, choosing some pillow pillows is good, cost -effective, practical, as customized gifts for auto activity gifts , Surface can customize the auto industry advertisement. It has a good effect on promoting car brands.

    . The fourth, car crane

    The biggest wish of the driver is to get in and out of peace, so the car safety symbol is a must -have interior of each car owner, which can be used not only for decoration Car can also bring peace and happiness.

    . The fifth, the car purifier

    For the event gifts for buying a car, the car 4S store will generally give some gift packages, which may contain various car gifts, such as driving Recorders, car charges, car purifiers, and some will send some other gifts such as refueling cards.

  3. A gold card produced by the recommended car is really saving money and practical, free of charge for violations, free annual inspections, refueling for 82 % off, 1 yuan of car washing 12 times, 4 % off for eating, drinking, and fun. As long as the activity price is ¥ 98, when placing an order, I will send iQiyi quarterly membership (worth 58 yuan), and there is a chance to go home with 200 yuan cash ~ I can earn it if I buy it!

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