What is the difference between epoxy powder coatings and epoxy paint coatings

The difference between epoxy resin powder coating powder and epoxy resin paint coating:

Epoxy powder coating powder is the powder after heating hot melt by spray gun spraying, is water soluble; ​common epoxy paint coatings are applied with brushes or rollers and are oil-based.

Powder coating powder is a powder containing 100

% solid, in the form of powder coating film, it uses air as the dispersion medium. Epoxy powder coating powder is a kind of thermosetting powder coating powder with corrosion resistance and toughness, the earliest application, rapid development, composed of epoxy resin, color filler, additives and curing agent.


The preparation of epoxy powder coating powder is the only method to produce thermosetting powder coating powder, that is, melting and mixing extrusion method -- mixing, melting and mixing extrusion, fine grinding.

Epoxy powder coating powder epoxy resin required conditions: epoxy equivalent should be between 700 and 100 solid resin, molecular weight distribution is narrow; ​at its curing temperature, low melting viscosity, easy leveling, flat and thin coating; ​good dispersed to pigments and fillers.

Curing agents for epoxy powder coating powder mainly include dicyandiamide, designated derivatives, acid anhydride, imidazole, cyclic ether, phenolic resin polyester resin, boron trifluoride amine complex. In industry, dicyandiamide, imidazoles and cyclic ethers are generally used.


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